Unveiling the Secrets: The 5 Most Hated Escape Room Puzzles!

Thu, 19 Sep, 2019

We all know that Escape Room puzzles are challenging, exercising our minds with clever traps and logically solvable tricks. What is the joy in effortlessly shunting through a basic room? Occasionally, Escape Room designers go beyond the boundaries of logical connections to create provocative puzzles that are largely unpopular. Here they are listed:

Diagram puzzles

Under normal circumstances, they seem simple - in an Escape Game, the opposite is true. Imagine this scene: a dimly lit room filled with expectations. The group of people gathers around a lone sheet of paper, their curiosity piqued. The higher the time pressure, the more difficult it becomes to solve the diagram.

Discover Enigmatic Secrets: Unveil the Dark Side of Escape Rooms Through 5 Hated Puzzles!

Musical puzzles

Surprisingly, they are not particularly popular, despite being unusual and rare. The musically inclined and those challenged by music will already be exerting effort to reproduce the simplest tones. 

This challenge is already quite demanding! It may happen that the only means to solve the puzzle are randomly arranged notes. If that's the case, expect turmoil...

Mathematical puzzles

Sigh As a team, once you encounter one of these puzzles, you can already feel the tension rising in the room. Fibonacci, algebra, and arithmetic... the possibilities are endless. These puzzles are true time-killers, so don't hesitate to ask for a hint if a math genius is available!

Revealing the Mystery: Explore the Dark Side of Escape Rooms with 5 Hated Puzzles!

Morse code puzzles

How to solve them? They are a cool addition to any Escape Room, but not a luxury for you. Most players don't usually know much about Morse code systems.

Finding small objects

Object search is fundamental to every Escape Room game concept - when used in moderation. There's nothing more cumbersome than spending half of your time in a dimly lit room searching for small-sized objects.