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The Nightmare

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You’ve just woken up in a terrifying cell with no idea how you got there, and have realized you’re trapped. This eerie place doesn't look good, the walls are covered with signs of those who failed to get out. Something makes you feel as if you are being watched. That's when you hear the voice of your captor - the Maniac who wants to play a game with you.

You're only familiar with this situation in horror movies, but this time, it’s real life. The madman wants to play a game with you, which is why he has dragged you all into his house. There's nothing left for you but to accept his offer and come face to face with your fears.

Have you got a chance to get out of this nightmare, or will you become the maniac's next victim? Try to survive the hour - keep your head up and don't let fear overwhelm you, fear is the mind-killer, or else it could be the hour of your life.


To complete the game, escape and survive, players must solve all the tricky challenges and riddles prepared by the madman. What are you willing to sacrifice to save yourself? Live or die, the choice is yours.

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