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Welcome, dear Wizards and Sorceresses of Graz!

It seems like only yesterday you were invited to Hogwarts, the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but today you are already seniors in your final year.

Your final exam is coming up, which you must pass with flying colours to prove to everyone that you are real wizards! To pass, you must find a magical vial of Felix Felicis, also called "Liquid Luck".

Use magical spells to find your way to the Ministry of Magic's secret vault in order to extract the potion. If you succeed in drinking it, you will become incredibly lucky for a period of time, and will successfully pass the biggest exam of your life!


Use your magic wand and spells to solve all the puzzles that get in your way. Keep your wits about you and, above all, be careful not to let the aurors get in your way. Now swear solemnly that you are up to no good, mischief managed!

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