Unleash Team Spirit: Escape Room for Corporate Events!

Mon, 05 Aug, 2019

A great team-building activity in a company usually involves a game that is unrelated to work. Empower employees to apply their usual work-related skills. And all of this while experiencing pure joy! 

Having an absolute blast during a corporate event is absolutely essential! Imagine the nightmare scenario of organizing a mandatory event for your employees, only to have the activity be tedious and boring. The morale of the company would be lower than before the start of the event!

Create an unforgettable company event with an escape room adventure - foster teamwork, communication, and excitement. Come join us in Vienna!

In our biased view, using an escape room for a company event is ideal for personal growth and satisfaction. We look forward to seeing you as you and your colleagues attempt to conquer the escape room in Vienna together!

Escape games can be portable or on-site, and both options are perfect for a company event.


How often do you find yourselves in close quarters, relying on teamwork and cooperation when it's your only means of escape? It's like a scene from a Hollywood blockbuster.

In this sense, visiting an escape room with your colleagues is a fantastic icebreaker. Conquering the Vienna escape room together fosters connections and breaks down barriers among coworkers.

Work together to win the game in a unique and entertaining environment. Escape rooms involve aspects such as teamwork, communication, creative thinking, and time management. Can you imagine a more epic event for your team? Hint: There's nothing better!


Event themes for team building in companies are highly flexible. A competent escape room provider will be able to link a variety of themes with provided puzzles.

The puzzles are portable, easy to move, and provided by the escape room organizer. The tasks can range from a simple lock with a key to a complex, multi-layered mechanical puzzle with multiple levels. Challenges with integrated electronics are also popular. It all depends on what the escape room provider has to offer.