The Father: Classic Escape Room Player

Fri, 22 May, 2020

The father is a classic Escape Room personality that we have seen countless times over the years. Regardless of background, all fathers share certain traits and behaviors that stand out in an Escape Room environment! Could you recognize any of these characteristics in your father?

Master of Small Talk

Fathers are masters of small talk – a skill acquired through years of experience. Before crossing the threshold, they want to get a sense of the situation and will ask your game master a variety of general and detailed questions. No room for extended periods of silence: Expect the dad to inquire about the game master's day, crack jokes, and try to gather as many clues as possible before the game starts!

First to Dive In

It is quite surprising that the father is frequently the one who takes the initiative and dives into the game first. He gives himself and his teammates code names, adorns himself with a funny costume and props, and generally embraces the spirit of the concept – showing us all how it should be done!

Meet The Father, the seasoned escape room veteran who has conquered countless challenges. Dive into his fascinating stories of adventure and triumph.

Takes Charge Immediately

The father will immediately assume a leadership role within the group. While that might be perfectly fine under normal circumstances, remember that Escape Rooms offer the perfect opportunity to be as experimental and creative as possible. If you're up for it, take charge, lead for an hour, and discover the incredible potential within you!

The Handshake...

The handshake is a way of life for the father. Irrespective of whether it is the game master or their teammates, each person will receive one after the conclusion of the 60 minutes.

Whether it's victory, defeat (or a tie), the handshake signifies a successful transaction within the bounds of fair play and teamwork. At the end of the day, victory is of little importance compared to the memories he's gained with his beloved family.

Sports Jargon

A competitive outing would be considered incomplete without the characteristic sports jokes that are often made by the father. A goal-oriented task combined with a limited time element means sports jargon will be flying left, right, and center! Look out for the following phrases:

  • "We're running out of time..."
  • "Don't cry, be strong."
  • "TIME-OUT!"
  • "Let's go, let's go, let's go, we're almost there!