Five Varieties of Players You'll Encounter in Escape Room

Tue, 20 Aug, 2019

The Mastermind

The mastermind approaches the game with utmost seriousness. They thoroughly strategize their moves, closely monitoring the clock and striving to establish new records. They excel at devising intricate game plans and assigning specific roles to their teammates. Whether you love or loathe them, you cannot deny their unwavering determination and remarkable effectiveness.

Thrill Seeker

The thrill seeker is the dynamic force that infuses the group with excitement and enthusiasm. When confronted with daring challenges in the escape room, the thrill seeker eagerly steps forward.

Do the surroundings entail confined areas requiring crawling?  Or spider-web-covered holes that require someone to reach inside? The thrill seeker is always the first to volunteer, eager to embrace the thrill of the adventure.

Unleash the Mastermind's strategic prowess, setting new records and leading with unwavering determination.

Puzzle Solver

Every team needs a puzzle solver. This player possesses a unique talent for thinking outside the box. He possesses a sharp eye for spotting clues and unraveling complex puzzles. When the team encounters obstacles, the puzzle solver emerges as the creative problem-solver, ensuring the momentum never wanes.

Independent Spirit 

In the realm of escape rooms, the independent spirit stands apart. Driven by their individual brilliance, they have a laser focus on their own objectives.

Despite seeming independent, they have a personal mission to tackle tasks their own way. Their unwavering determination and self-reliance often lead to remarkable achievements.

Embrace the Thrill Seeker's eagerness for adventure and excitement, ready to face daring challenges head-on.

The Novice

Noob / nuːb / noun:

A person who is unskilled in a particular area or activity

Let's be honest - EVERYONE starts their escape room journey as a novice. The novice often questions even the simplest tasks and feels unsure of where or how to begin. We have immense fondness for this player type! As it's always thrilling to witness their growth and development as they progress through the room.