Exploring Escape Room Language: The Most Common Phrases

Mon, 06 Jan, 2020

You've probably heard all sorts of questions, phrases, and statements from enthusiastic escape room players. The game masters can tell you all about experiences ranging from the extraordinary to the utterly simple. Here are a few they hear every day...

"Similar to the mood in laser tag..."

Believe it or not, the interior of an escape room often bears an eerie resemblance to a laser tag venue. The feeling of tension, the adrenaline, even the smell can evoke similar emotions to those experienced during a laser tag game. The biggest difference is the absence of artificial fog pumped out by a laser tag fog machine!

Will the actor frighten us?

Almost every brave participant asks this question before entering a Horror Escape Room. Fear is subjective, making it challenging to provide a clear answer. What might be terrifying for one person might not be so frightening for another. 

The live actors are there to enhance the immersion into the theme. Should you encounter trepidation towards the enigmatic silhouette hidden in the shadows, rest assured it's merely the actor fulfilling their role!

Not smart enough to escape!

Escape rooms are intentionally challenging, and don't worry if you fail, especially during your first attempt! Embrace escape games as a skill to master, and watch yourself grow stronger and better with each thrilling try!

Remember, you're always free to ask the game master for help. Especially if you're stuck at a particularly difficult part of the room and don't know how to proceed!

Is it possible to skip a part of the room?

In escape rooms, the adventure unfolds in a linear narrative, compelling you to conquer each section before unlocking the next chapter. This structure makes it impossible to skip a part of the room. You may find a certain section challenging, but you can always ask your observing game master for hints and clues. How often you inquire depends entirely on your group—based on how difficult you want the experience to be!