Escape to Christmas Magic: Party with Escape Rooms!

Thu, 19 Dec, 2019

Work can be really exhausting, especially at the end of the year. At this time, fatigue and stress are more common than usual. Christmas is the time of giving, sharing, and forgiving. Step into the world of escape rooms and leave behind conflicts and daily work stress!

It is the best way to start with a clean slate, preparing for a new year full of excitement and challenges!

Get involved - here's why!

It's fun!

First of all, we wouldn't recommend doing anything if it's not fun - especially as part of a company event. Unhappy company celebration feels like unpaid overtime - worse! No one wants to do something that feels like a tedious punishment...

Let the experts tell you that escape rooms are fantastic. The fun is contagious and brings everyone closer.  It's all about creating memories, sharing laughs, and building a fantastic work environment once you're back in the office!

It's a challenge!

A company event has to be fun, but it also has to be challenging. A group of adult professionals who don't want to participate is something childish. One could say that escape rooms are a demanding form of entertainment. They contain puzzles, clues, and hidden objects that require a certain amount of intelligence to tackle!

Keep in mind that the choice of difficulty level must be adapted to the group! Easy or hard - it's up to you, and you only have 60 minutes to escape...

It's worth it!

Players are often too immersed in the challenging game to realize that they are developing new skills. Successfully completing an escape room often leaves players with a genuine sense of accomplishment.  Engaging in escape rooms enhances essential skills such as patience, teamwork, communication, perception, and creative thinking.

Get ready for some fun games that will challenge and improve your abilities!

Following an escape room experience, you'll feel refreshed and ready to take on work-related projects with renewed energy and excitement. With Christmas around the corner, why not treat yourself and your colleagues from the office to an unforgettable outing?