Escape Room Quirks: Unusual, Yet Expected Behaviors

Fri, 13 Dec, 2019

As the doors lock behind the brave group, they realize their phones aren't the only items left on the other side. You won't believe how social norms vanish, turning your pals into wild chaos creatures.

Below is a list of mismatched behaviors that are perfectly normal in an escape room gaming environment. Here are a few examples to find out if you have ever experienced these behaviors in escape rooms!

The Hamsters!

Collecting interesting trinkets and valuables is completely normal in the outside world. But when this behavior translates into hoarding useless items during the briefing, it becomes a problem. 

Hamsters, get ready to enjoy Escape Rooms that wholeheartedly celebrate your behavior. In fact, hoarding all the items and clues you find can even support your escape process! So, at any cost, just take everything with you!

Shouting at Each Other!

While politeness is crucial in daily conversations, escape rooms demand a different approach. Players quickly forget their manners in the heat of the action. Typical conversations suddenly turn into a very loud game when trying to convey one's point of view.  Escape rooms are the hub for expressive communication — unlike boardrooms or classrooms.

The Need to Touch Everything!

Visualize a bustling store; a person thoroughly exploring each corner, crevice, and surface, even crawling! You would immediately think something is wrong with them?! However, in an escape room, this behavior is not only completely normal but also desired and recommended! 

There are often hidden objects strategically placed in an escape room, invisible to the naked eye. Anything within reach can be part of the game, so just go for it!