Embrace Escape Room Magic: Live Actors & Thrilling Adventure

Fri, 12 Jul, 2019

A live actor makes an escape room a special experience. He has certain tasks; they scare you but also help you with the game (depending on the game). Here are some simple rules to ensure that both you and the actor have the most fun.

1. Listen

The actors are not just there to scare you. Make sure to pay close attention; the entertainer might drop hints or interact with specific objects in a special way.

They assist you in engaging with each topic. They also provide clues to advance the story. These clues can help you solve room puzzles more quickly. Pay attention to where they help you reach your goal faster.

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2. Respect

Treating actors respectfully and politely is a given. Our actors are great at what they do to provide you with a smooth and exciting gaming experience.

They play the same room multiple times, adjusting to each group's dynamics and improvising to ensure a great experience for you. All we need is a little care and cooperation.


An escape room with an actor means you're playing with someone experienced and familiar with all aspects of the room. The actors provide subtle hints through body language and movements. Therefore, remain attentive!

4.Have Fun

Escape actors are there for you, so have fun together! Experience them up close in our escape room in Vienna and see for yourself how exciting it can be.

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