Choosing the Best Group Size: Escape Room Dilemma

Tue, 03 Mar, 2020

In the thrilling confines of an Escape Room, there's no magical number to determine the perfect group size. Discover the exciting truth: Escape games are a blast, whether your team is large or small, but remember, don't play alone!

Explore all the pros and cons of participating in an Escape Game, whether it's with two or ten players!

Large Groups: Pros

Divide and Conquer!

In the escape game, splitting up to explore the room is undoubtedly one of the best tactics. The larger the group, the more eyes available to scout every corner for hidden clues and objects. You'll have a collection of intelligent minds to choose from when challenges arise!

Complete Mental Training

The escape room experience involves creative and critical thinking, communication, teamwork, and perception. In larger groups, the dynamics intensify, creating a tougher mental challenge for each individual. However, this challenge proves beneficial, compelling everyone to fully engage in the activity.

Embark on an epic Escape adventure - large or small, the fun never ends! Discover your ideal group size now.

Large Groups: Cons

Overlapping Opinions

In escape rooms, with multiple people conveying opinions in close quarters, overlapping and confusion are inevitable! This can disrupt gameplay as too many inputs and voices collide for a solution.

Small Groups: Pros

Fewer Distractions

Playing with a smaller group means fewer distractions. There's less overlapping opinions, disruptions, and background chatter. Delegate roles easily and create a suitable action plan. Navigate movements efficiently with your closely connected teammates and complete your escape experience in record time!

Small Groups: Cons

Limited Perspectives and Ideas

Conversely, fewer people mean fewer distractions, but also fewer perspectives and ideas. The skills and opinions in your group will be less diverse, somewhat limiting your pool of ideas. Your team must be more attentive, as numerical strength won't always help with tricky puzzles!